Much is made today of the terms conservation and restoration and the distinction between them. The Conservators purpose is to stabilise an object and prevent further deterioration whilst to restore embraces the conservation element as well as involving other aspects such as replacing missing parts and retouching.

One question, which occupies many people, is whether the restoration of an object detracts from its value. While it is true that over restoration can certainly reduce the value of an object there is no doubt that sympathetic work can at the very least make it more aesthetically pleasing.


On each item the ceramic repair work has to be approached individually, from removing a previous poor or discoloured restoration to the challenge of correctly dismantling, rebonding and aligning shards and the filling and colour matching of missing areas.

Therefore please make an appointment to bring the item along for inspection. This will give you a chance to see our facilities, what we are currently working on and items we have restored in the past.

If you cannot manage a personal visit, then send the item by post or photograph and email us. Please provide as much information as possible. We will give you a basic estimate, which may offer a number of repair options without obligation and free of charge.


Wherever possible, please wrap each damaged piece in white tissue paper. Fragments may be gathered together in a handkerchief or kitchen towel. Please wrap extremely well in bubble wrap and double box to ensure the item arrives safely and send by a recorded service. Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.

If return postage is required, please state which method you would prefer to be employed. You may like to make your own shipping arrangements through a courier (if other than the Royal Mail may be recommended) if you so wish. Once the item has left the studio no responsibility can be taken for breakages or loss so please ensure that the item(s) are adequately insured.

The growing list of our most prestigious clients is protected by NDA; being personal, often long-standing and exclusive. However, we are happy to provide examples of projects in the form of photographs or by recommendations from select previous clients.

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